Toffee and friends live in the Forest,

a place of pale greenery and warm sunshine.

A day in the forest begins with Toffee

lazily lolling on the soft grass.

And Toffee is thinking of all the delicious foods

that will make them happy :)

Ok then, let's meet some of Toffee's lovely friends!



“I’m ready to eat anything that makes me happy!”

Maybe that's why everyone calls Toffee a chubby tiger. Toffee is unemployed, but super laid back. So doesn't mind lazing around everywhere, every time. Also, Toffee loves electro devices like laptops and enjoys eating mint chocolate stuff. Of course, drink much iced coffee too! Sometimes even though the weather is cold.



Teeffee is the tiger with a charming smile that is always slightly twinkling!

Unlike the Toffee, Teeffee enjoys activities such as surfing. The happiest moment for Teeffee is to receive donuts, peaches, and strawberries as gifts.



Taffee came to the forest to play with other tigers!

Maybe Taffee looks cynical but loves friends and has to make much of the friendship. Taffee's furr has a starry night color, also Taffee is very proud of it. And Taffee likes to draw everything. You can be Taffee’s drawing model or could often find Taffee by the lake and among the trees.



Porumee is the pink bunny from the full moon!

With one ear get wounded in a pestle on the moon. Pourmee loves bread and cakes. Sometimes this Pink Bunny used to bake delicious desserts. Porumee is also an adorable fact-bomber who is impossible to hate. Rumor has it that Pourmee has giant guts. Maybe it's yes, Maybe it's not. Whatever!



A kitten is born from a pink sugar cotton, 

bathed in warm spring sunshine. Soapy Cat's pink jelly paws are said to have a faint sugar flavor. Nobody knows yet that Soapy Cat always dreams of swimming in the open sea.



The most popular star of the forest!

However, he is more shy and timid than he looks. Also tearful and vulnerable, but not many animals seem to know this. His dream is to be a lion with confidence.